Monday, October 21, 2013

No matter your political affiliation and opinion on Obamacare, one thing is for certain, we cannot escape the fact that the government cannot repeal the law of supply and demand.

So let's look at the issues.

If we increase the number of people wanting to see a doctor (demand) and don't increase the number of doctors (supply) and we attempt to keep the price of their services steady or even reduce prices, there will be shortages.  No way around it. And you thought your wait time at the emergency room was long.  Getting a doctor's appointment will stretch from a month to 6 months or longer.  You will be right back in the ER paying 3 times the co-pay you would pay if you could see your doctor.

So why would the government not recognize this on coming train wreck?  Well, the Saint believes they know full well the chaos that is about to ensue.  Remember, this administration really wants a single payer system.  So the best way to insure a single payer system (let's call it Obamacare II) is to design Obabmacare I to fail miserably.

So the first failure is the website.  This failure in the launch of the websites is no accident.  It was planned.  Keeps your eye off of the fact that the early adopters are chronically ill.  Which leads us to the next problem...Thee elimination of pre-existing conditions limitations and the lifetime expenditure limits.  More than likely, the initial enrollees in Obamacare I are those with pre-existing conditions.  So let's say the first 1 million people who sign up have significant pre existing condtions.  Their average healthcare costs could easily be 10 times their premiums.  That will mean that the system will need 10 million healthy enrollees just to break even, which is almost impossible.

So, once the pre-existing conditions clients bankrupt the insurance companies, the government will have no choice but to bail them out, thus insuring that the insurance companies are owned by the government.  And you then have single payer.

That is the end game. Don't be shocked.  You heard from the Saint.

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